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Feast on our array of dining options available at The Whiteaways Arcade.

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  • ECC Coffee

    Lot 16 (Ground Floor)
    Operating Hour: 10:00am-10:00pm
    Brief Information:

    Offering the best Coffee Solution, ECC Coffee is longing to spread the essence of coffee drinking art to more people. Coffee is seen as an art and as a science in the same time; it is an art where we enjoy the specific drinking experience; it is a science as ECC Coffee believes that they can make coffees that can satisfy different needs from different people.

  • Saigon Bowl

    Lot 22B (Ground Floor)
    Operating Hour: 12:00pm-10:00pm
    Contact: 04-263 8611
    Brief Information:

    A halal restaurant that serves up modern takes on traditional Vietnamese cuisine.


Our heritage building also offers charming colonial office spaces to several businesses.

  • Happy Mart

    Lot 22B (Ground Floor)
    Operating Hour: 07:00am-2:00am
    Contact: 04-331 3228
    Brief Information:

    Your friendly neighborhood convenience store offering a large selection of food and beverages.

  • iFAST Global Markets

    Lot 2 & 4 (Ground Floor)
    Operating Hour: 09:00am-6:00pm (Monday-Friday)
    Contact: 04-224 3215
    Brief Information:

    iFAST Global Markets (“iGM”) is a division of iFAST Capital, providing financial solutions through a team of dedicated in-house wealth advisers/experts.

  • Broncos Worldwide

    Lot 20A (First Floor)
    Operating Hour: 09:00am-6:00pm (Monday-Friday)
    Contact: 04-250 3131
    Brief Information:

    A creative advertising agency offering various advertising services.

  • foi mémoire

    Lot 22C (First Floor)
    Operating Hour: 10.00am - 6.00pm (Closed on Monday)
    Contact: 012-618 7720
    Brief Information:

    From classic elegance to grand and extravagant, celebrate your fairytale wedding with foi mémoire’s impressive collection of  luxury gowns and wedding dresses.


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